Friday, December 28, 2007

Self Help

Self help

The late great Earl Nightingale who was a writer, speaker, salesperson, and a broadcaster discussed the Law of Dominant Thought in his famous timeless recording "The Strangest Secret" by calling it the key a person needs to have great success in their life when he narrowed it down to one simple powerful phrase, "we become what we think about."

The situation that will occur with people that will proceed in an attempt to change their fortunes in their lives by trying to adjust their thinking patterns is that the fail in their attempt when they fail to make their positive thought patterns their dominant thoughts throughout the course of the day. You will not see any positive change in your life that you desire when you fail to have positive thoughts during the day on a consist basis. Just having positive thoughts a few minutes during day but spending the rest of your time have negative thoughts will not give you the change that you desire. Unless you make this change all the self help motivation you seek will not do you any good.

You would not and should not expect to be able to run a full 30 mile marathon if you only ran one mile a day in training for it simply because you have not conditioned your body to be able to run the full distance, the same goes for your mind.

To be able to see the changes that you desire you have to be able to take control fully of your mind and have positive thoughts have give positive energy to those thoughts everyday all day till this becomes a nature habit for you every day then you will start to see the positive results you desire to have.

It has been your thoughts and the thought patterns you keep up to this point of your life that has given you the life you have now. It is up to you and only you to change those thoughts, to create strong positive belief system in yourself and then take action on those thoughts to make them to become a reality to create the future you desire.

When you are able to take control of your thoughts and make your positive thoughts your dominant thoughts in your everyday life then you will start to see the changes in your life. There is a science to unlocking the secrets that will allow you to make great changes in your life and when you unlock these secrets you will change your life.

Self help


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